The LAESEC @ OUHSC is a laboratory focusing on studying the emission sources, assessing the human exposure, investigating the health effects, and developing the engineering controls of aerosols in both occupational and ambient environment.













Mailing Address
Dr. Jun Wang
Department of Occupational & Environmental Health
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (OUHSC)
PO BOX 26901
Oklahoma City, OK 73126-0901

Office Address
801 NE 13th ST Room 425
Oklahoma City, OK 73104-5005

Phone: (405)271-2070
Ext. 46767 (Office)
Ext. 46775 (Lab)
Fax: (405)271-1971


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Peer-reviewed Journal Paper

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Books & Chapters

Zhipeng Bai and Jun Wang, Environmental Management. (In Chinese) China Chemical Industry Press Ltd., Beijing, 2007.9, ISBN 978-7-122-00893-0.
Zhipeng Bai, Jun Wang, and Yan You, Environmental Risk Assessment. (In Chinese) Higher Education Press, Beijing, 2008.12, ISBN 978-7-04-025339-9.


Innovative welding technologies to control hazardous air pollutant (HAP) emissions using silicon additives. ESTCP NO. WP-0903, 08/2012. Link
Assessment of potential concerns associated with the use of cement kiln dust in FDOT concrete mixes. FDOT BDK75-977-43, 05/2013. Link

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