The LAESEC @ OUHSC is a laboratory focusing on studying the emission sources, assessing the human exposure, investigating the health effects, and developing the engineering controls of aerosols in both occupational and ambient environment.













Mailing Address
Dr. Jun Wang
Department of Occupational & Environmental Health
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (OUHSC)
PO BOX 26901
Oklahoma City, OK 73126-0901

Office Address
801 NE 13th ST Room 425
Oklahoma City, OK 73104-5005

Phone: (405)271-2070
Ext. 46767 (Office)
Ext. 46775 (Lab)
Fax: (405)271-1971


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Laboratory Instrumentation and Capacity

Aerosol and gas measurement

Scanning mobility particle sizer (TSI 3080L + TSI 3775)
Ultraviolet aerodynamic particle sizer (TSI 3314)
Modular weather station (Nova Lynx 110-WS-16TWS)
GRIMM aerosol spectrometer (GRIMM 1100 1.108)
Multigas monitor platform with indoor air quality probe and oxidative gas probe (Greywolf IQ & TG series)
MultiRAE gas monitor (RAE Systems)
Vibrating orifice aerosol generator (TSI 3450)
Small scale powder dispenser (TSI 3433)
Constant output atomizer (TSI 3076)
Filtered air supply (TSI 3074B)
Diffusion dryer (TSI 3062)
10 mCi aerosol neutralizer (TSI 3012A)
Ambient PM2.5 sampler (BGI PQ200)
Transmission Electron Microscope (Hitachi 7600, access from OMRF)

The scanning mobility particle sizer (right) and ultraviolet aerodynamic particle sizer (left) are able to measure particle size from nanometer to micron.
Analytical chemistry

Ion chromatography (Dionex ICS-1600)
Gas chromatography mass spectrometry (HP 6890 + Agilent 5973)
Gerstel thermodesportion System (TDS)
High-pressure liquid chromatography (Dionex DX-500)
UV-Vis spectrophotometer (Genesys 10s)
Analytical microbalance (Cahn C-33)

The ICS-1600 Chromatograph system with conductivity detector (inside the center compartment) and the UV-Vis detector (left, under the external auxiliary pump.)
Biological apparatus

Dual-channel qPCR (Chai Biotechnology)
CO2 cell incubator (Thermo Midi 40)
Microplate absorbance reader (Lonza Elx808LBS)
Microbiological incubator (Heratherm)
Benchtop centrifuge (Thermo scientific Sorvall ST8)
Digital microscope (Nikon Eclipse 80i & E600)
Steam pressure sterilizer (Market Forge Sterilmatic)
Cell storage freezer (Cryosafe)
Walk-in environmental test chamber (Lab-Line 701)
Biosafety cabinet (Baker SterilGARD III advance)
Laboratory supplies and computational devices

UV lamp/ultrafiltration reagent water system (Barnstead Micropure)
Reverse osmosis (RO) water filtration system (Barnstead D12651)
Analytical microbalance (Cahn C-33)
Deionized (DI) water System (Barnstead Nanopure D11901)
Controlled environment chamber (Electro Tech Systems)
Programmable isotemp oven (Precision 625)
Heating/ultrasonic bath cleaner (Solid Tech 400W)
Poster plotters (HP Designjet 500, DesignJet 650C)
Occupational exposure simulation

Pulse TIG welder (Everlast PowerTIG 210 EXT)
Pulse MIG welder (Everlast I-MIG 250P)
IGBT Plasma cutter (Lotos LTP5000D)
Fume Extractor (Miller Filtair 130)
Large Delta 3-D Printer (TEVO Little Monster)
Desktop dual-nozzle 3-D printer (Monoprice)
Desktop single-nozzle 3-D printer (Prusa i3)
Desktop 40W CO2 Laser cutter and engraver (Customized)
1000~1500mW Laser engraver (Meterk DK-8-KZ, DK-BL)

Updated: Jun 1st, 2017
LAESEC Laboratory for Aerosol Exposure Science & Engineering Control